Monday, February 24, 2014

A Serious Question for Wes and Other Enthusiasts of the LG GOP Race

We have but one question.

A question that has been much on our minds since this whole race began.

It is meant in the sincerest of terms. Anyone planning on participating in this process should be very interested in the answer.

Wes Nakagiri is clearly a well intentioned, sincere person with deeply held beliefs. He appears to be a talented individual who has a lot to offer both the party and his state. His many supporters are also very dedicated people who have strong feelings about issues and feel the Snyder/Calley administration have violated those core beliefs. There is nothing wrong in any way with their desire to express their frustration and disagreement. 

There are however some perplexing practical problems raised by the particular way they have chosen to do so. It would be wise to consider what happens after the nomination...

This question may in fact be useful to Mr. Nakagiri. Should he be successful, he will probably be answering it for 2 ½ months straight.

Ok here we go….
The setting-Republican State Convention

 You have just finished your victory speech and applause has died down and you are cornered by a journalist


Mr. Nakagiri, you have just spent the last year criticizing the Snyder administration’s policies and defeated Governor Snyder's chief lieutenant within his own party, how can you now turn around and credibly ask the people of Michigan to vote for Rick Snyder and your team?

Some Tips on Scoring
1)      Answer must be short enough for a TV or radio clip blurb
2)      An answer consisting entirely of attacking Democrats will not go over well or help
3)      An answer about making the administration more conservative will be read as an 
        additional attack on the ticket you just joined 
4)     Attempting to separate Calley from Snyder just isn't going to fly


      As a new member of the ticket you are asked to take a leadership role in communications, please write a single sentence for the Snyder/Nakagiri ticket press release responding to the Michigan Democratic Party’s release regarding the convention, “Republicans' Reject Snyder”. The statement will be from Rick Snyder in response to get the message through that rank and file conservative Republicans do support him and will be voting for the Snyder/Nakagiri ticket in November.


Write a short essay on the impact of Martha Griffiths’ feud with Governor Blanchard in the 1990 election. 

Suggested Reading: Any of several books detailing both 1976 attempts and discussions for a Ford/Reagan ticket and a 1980 Reagan/Ford ticket. That Reagan guy was a smart man. 

P.S.-Wes, if you have really good answers for all these, we are all in. It is quite the tricky, little puzzling road before you. Then if you actually win in November, that is going to make this look like a cakewalk. 

P.S.S.-Served with B. Calley one know-it-all..i'm not going to confirm any stories about 'hazing incidents' from future 'Senators' who may or may not given him 'noogies', 'wedgies', 'swirlies' or stole his 'trapper keeper' but let's just say...the nerd thing might have been his idea. 

Sorry one last note-We think Todd's sniping at you totally sucks. Not a team player move. 

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  1. Another question: What will you do Wes when Snyder excludes you from the cabinet, appoints Calley a "special advisor" and essentially leaves you to "run" the senate?